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East Haus Owner - Melissa



Melissa founded EAST HAUS in 2016. With a soft spot for minimalistic design she is always inspired by where design meets psychology.

Sustainability and resilience are always on her mind; along with job creation, gender equality, economic growth and Eastern Food Bazar’s falafel hummus and crème soda.

Take a look at her most recent projects showcasing her style and love for custom furniture simplicity.

East Haus – Custom Furniture

EAST HAUS is a house for Design. We create beautiful custom furniture inspired by the natural elements of nature. We believe in Collective Creative Expression in and among all of the work we aspire to bring to life. Our Work advocates for a healthy, clean and sustainable lifestyle throughout the various disciplines of creative expression be it architecture, interior or photography.

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Ecological design is defined by Sim Van der Ryn et al. as “any form of design that minimises environmentally destructive impacts by integrating itself with living processes.”

EAST HAUS is passionate about considering environmental impact as we design to ensure that we are consistently pushing ourselves towards creating spaces and products that work with and facilitate improving the environment rather than against it.


Material is a substance from which one can create.

“When I start, my first ideal for a building is with the material. I believe architecture is about that. It is not about paper, it’s not about forms. It’s about space and material.” Peter Zumthor.

Materials in architecture can be the concept of, or applied use of various materials or substances in the medium of building. Materials that inspire us the most within the built environment are: brick, concrete, hempcrete, hemp, steel, glass, marble and adobe. Material gives form and life to a space, the more unconventionally the material is applied, the more effective the design aesthetic and depth of the space will be. Finding a balance between synthetic, natural and locally sourced materials is crucial to creating functional, timeless and sustainable spaces.

East Haus - Chair with Leather and Steel
East Haus - Marble Table with Steel

Steel and Marble

The light steel frame and contrasting heavy marble table top is an expression of mixed medium design. The linear, minimalistic characteristics of the steel frame successfully compliment and contrasts the softer organic grain texture of the marble.

The linear and monochromatic simplicity of this table allows it to serve a multitude of purposes in multiple locations. Such functions ranging from being a side table to a product display platform for goods in a retail environment.

Vertical Life

A tall vertical planter unit which allows one to enhance the natural energy of a space is a welcome replacement to the ordinary pot plant which takes up more floor space than what one is willing to sacrifice.

Indoor plants bring life into a home space, purifying the air and instantly making the space feel loved and lived in. With the rapid development of technology we at EAST HAUS are dedicated to incorporating nature into people’s spaces as much as possible to help bridge the gap between man and nature.

East Haus - Verticla Plant Holder

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